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Emperor Studios | About Our Company
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About Us

We are a creative production studio operating in New York and Boston.  Emperor Studios team  has been in production since 2008. It has turned into a collective of cinematographers, editors, grips, steadicam operators, AC’s, multi-rotor pilots and so many more who are passionate about creating.  We are here to  help your creative agency, business, client, production company accomplish your vision.

One Stop Video Production

From start to finish work with people who know your brand and what you're trying to accomplish.


Through our viral marketing process, we guarantee you real viewers on your video.

The Missing Piece

Maybe you aren't looking for a one stop production but just need a timelapse or maybe a logo animation to make your client look great. Maybe you are a video production company like us. Then let us fill the missing piece in your production. With a large community of trusted industry professionals you don't have to wonder if that grip you hired from a friend of a friend is going to bring your set crashing down.

Our Process

  • Research

    We learn everything there is to know about your company, products and brand.

  • Concept

    This is where we get ideas out and storyboard.

  • Create

    Our team captures the concept and turns it into reality.

  • Develop

    We take it to the edit suite. Here is where it all comes together the pacing, music, color, graphics, sound design. We refine until perfection.

  • Deliver

    Through our viral marketing process, we guarantee you real viewers on your video. Based on your target market we have the ability to give drive traffic to your brand, while also being able to manage all data and statistics that help determine successful campaigns. Our goal is to help you connect with your customers in the most captivating ways possible.