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Emperor Studios | What We Do
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Full Service Video Production

We can bring your vision from concept to completion.  We’ll take you through pre-production, with story boards and script writing, to production, with an experienced crew of professionals in cinematography, lighting, audio and set design, and finally to process of post production, with editing, in house music, color grading and motion graphics. From begin to end, your idea, brand, and story will be conveyed with excellence, making you stand out.

Motion Graphics

Logo Animations, Motion Graphics  and VFX.

Aerial Cinematography

Our state of the art multi-rotors can lift even the heaviest of cameras. Our pilot, in addition to being the Lead Technical Editor for MultiRotor Pilot, is known as one being one of the worlds foremost leading expert in the multirotor and UAV industry. With a custom multirotor that has a 45lb + payload and a 15 min runtime for stabilized Red Epic cameras, we are staying current with the industry’s technology and pushing what is possible.


Timelapse allows us to see the world from a whole new perspective. This can make an incredible difference in the story you’re trying to tell. Our multi-axis motion controlled system provides an even greater addition to the traditional time lapse.

Camera Stabilization

Here at Emperor Studios we pride ourselves with being able to move the camera in unique ways. Sometimes the shot will call for a smooth and stable platform. Members of our team are skilled steadicam owner/ops. We also stay at the forefront camera stabilization technology, which includes brushless gimbal technology including our Movi M10 & M15. Because of our diverse library of camera support systems, we are able to pick the right tool for your project.

Screen Formatting

With our advanced compositing and production techniques, we’re able to produce, format, and deliver digital content for display screens around the world.  Whether it’s an LED billboard, the screens of Times Square, or customized web placement, we have the ability to turn our client’s vision into an interactive experience.